Greek Shelters Need You!

Please Volunteer

Greek school children are being actively encouraged to tackle environmental issues and there is also an inspirational Anglo-Greek animal welfare initiative, under wraps, to be rolled out in Greek schools very soon.

One of the biggest projects will be the GREAT GREEK CLEAN-UP! Businesses will be invited to sponsor schools in return for their participation in keeping their beaches, towns and villages litter-free and waging war on plastic!

Starlight Barking Dogumentaries

Under the guidance of Dr. Xavier Font, the guru of sustainability tourism marketing, at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey, we will link up with schools, colleges and universities in the U.K., U.S., Greece, Australia and South Africa to create our DOGUMENTARIES for the Starlight Barking YouTube Channel.

The STARLIGHT BARKING DOGUMENTARIES will not only promote compassion and care for animal welfare and the environment, but give the school children involved a taste of real-life marketing as all these videos will be sponsored by businesses and feature on our website. They will also be a regular feature at CENTRAL BARK, Manchester’s First Doggie Café, who have teamed up with Starlight Barking and Dogs Trust to promote responsible ownership and help rescue dogs in both the U.K and Greece.

The Model Resort Project

ABTA is committed to a world-wide beach clean-up and the model resort project. With our friends in Kefalonia leading the way for Greek animal welfare and the Starlight Barking Project, we hope that other islands and resorts will follow suit. This will not only be a fantastic PR coup for Greek tourism, but will benefit all the struggling animal shelters, as all the money raised by sponsorship of the Dogumentaries will fund shelters in Greece.

Three Ways Greek Shelters Can Help

  1. Please elect one volunteer to join the Starlight Barking – Friends of the Shelters Committee. They don’t need to be techie but just have enough time each week to send us photos, stories and updates about the animals in your care.
  2. Invite your local school to the shelter to mix with the dogs and ask them to launch a MAD MARKETING after school club. Make a Difference – Marketing Club is all about caring for the both the environment and animal welfare and will be developed under the guidance of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey who are the pioneers in sustainability tourism marketing. With 44% of under 25s out of work in Greece, this initiative is vital to help job prospects.
  3. We then link your Greek school with a school overseas and they work together on their marketing message of caring and sharing and collectively making a difference. Currently we are working with schools in the U.K., but, very soon will have schools in the U.S.A., Australia and South Africa on board.

Three Ways UK Schools Can Help

  1. Ask your school to launch your own MAD MARKETING CLUB
  2. We will link you to a Greek School and Shelter and they will provide you with plenty of photos, videos and most amazing stories – and there are some incredible ones!
  3. Then it’s down to you to let your creativity and new marketing skills run riot!

Thank you for helping by going MAD and Making a Difference!

 The potential is endless and your Dogumentaries will be sponsored by businesses and appear on the Starlight Barking website and at Central Bark Doggie Café in Manchester. All your hard work and enthusiasm will raise money and help animals in distress. And you will be able to see first- hand how by joining a MAD MARKETING CLUB you are making a difference to the welfare of the dogs and cats in the area which you are supporting.


A big thank you from lots of little homeless PAWS.