Together we can make a difference

Founded by Snowbizz in 2016, Starlight Barking work with their tour operator partners, staff and guests to raise awareness and link up with the little stars of welfare charities improving the lives of animals in distress wherever they are.

Please support us and tell your friends about our special deal website, Travel Chest, where ALL our sponsorship funds rescue projects. With your help we can make a massive difference.

Travel Chest

Our unique partner website.

Our team of travel professionals source you the best holiday deals whist tour operators have the opportunity to put back into the areas in which they operate by advertising on our website.

All our tour operator partners donate to Starlight Barking’s education and animal welfare projects and currently we support shelters in the UK, Greece and Cyprus.

With your help we can do more!

So please sign-up to the Travel Chest newsletter and check out our deals and tell all your friends about us, because with your help, and as our site grows, we will be able to reach out to even more animals in distress.

Together we can make a difference.

Every little bit helps another dog in distress.

Please donate. Every penny of your donation goes directly to fund our shelter dogs’ food, medicine and veterinary bills ensuring they have a brighter future.