Our story so far

Starlight Barking was founded in 2015 as a voice and tribute to the little stars of rescue.

Our dream is to link up travel companies with dog shelters in their destinations. By inviting their staff and guests to support these shelters we hope that the dumping and poisoning of dogs will be relegated to the history books.

We encourage local communities to support the shelter volunteers and educate their young to respect animals.

You can visualise our dream and help lay the foundations by donating or possibly even find your new best friend!

Did you know?

We're funded entirely by public donations

We've helped rehome over 250 dogs

We have big goals to help dogs worldwide!

Sponsor a dog

Come join our Pound Hounds! It couldn’t be easier to sponsor a dog, or to gift a sponsorship to a friend or loved one, and just for one pound a week! Your support helps us gives the dogs the very best care possible while waiting for their forever homes, and can make the world of difference to them.


Behind every dog there is always a good story. And behind every rescue dog there is an even greater story. Do you and your dog have a story to tell? Why not share that story with us! In the meantime take a look at a few dogumentaries made by our Little Stars!