Adopt a dog

One of the saddest shelters in Greece with many gorgeous Ghost Dogs dreaming of their lucky break.

Lemnos Dog Shelter has a constant stream of dumped puppies and is home to around 60 older abandoned dogs, many of whom have been incarcerated 24/7, for three years or more, in small grey cells with no outdoor space. They watch as their luckier friends get adopted dreaming that one day they too will find that special family.

With just two volunteers, who visit on their days off, the dogs receive little socialisation and are desperate for some human company. If you are holidaying on Lemnos and can spare an afternoon for some dog walking or are interested in adopting please contact

Every penny of donations is spent on the dogs welfare and improvements to the shelter but we dream one day of building a proper shelter.

You can visualise our dream and help lay the foundations by donating, or possibly even find your new best friend by giving one of their dogs their forever home.

Remembering those who have left pawprints on our hearts

Animals hold a unique place in our hearts. They are our loyal friends, our confidants, and our sources of unconditional love. To honour those that have left to cross the Rainbow Bridge, we have created this space as a heartfelt tribute to the animals we hold dear. They may no longer be physically by our side, but their spirit lives on in our memories and in the love they brought into our lives.

Every little bit helps another dog in distress.

Please donate. Every penny of your donation goes directly to fund our rescue dogs’ food, medicine and veterinary bills ensuring they have a brighter future.