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Barking Mad Trek 2024

Our Snowdon Trek 2024 is scheduled for Monday 8th July. 

We would love more of you to join us and raise awareness and funds for Lemnos Shelter. 

This year we’re inviting all our friends in Dog Rescue World to send a representative to raise funds for  their shelter 

We will once again be taking banners featuring the dogs who are still waiting for their golden ticket to freedom. Plus all the photos of the sponsor dogs who have been rescued and are in forever homes……..

In 2022 and 2023, Sophie  and her friends did the trek 3 times in one day and raised over £21,000 with which we were able to help many Golden Oldies and hugely renovate Lemnos Shelter and created 10 large pens around the existing squalid cages, a puppy house, a cat house and a new perimeter fence with a large reception area for meet and greet! 

Now when Fotini and Vaggelio visit  all the dogs can be let out to have some fun together. 

The dogs are in little family units and can play and socialise and we get to see more of their personalities and understand the kind of homes needed. 

The last stage of the  renovation was completed this weekend with much rejoicing. Vaggelio had mastered minded the project and finally the 5 remaining Ghost Dogs had a home of their own. 

There’s still a lot to do, the old cages are still in use for the new arrivals but overall the shelter is now a much happier place for the long-term dogs and Fotini and Vaggelio! 

When they leave the shelter they still hear their haunted cries but at last they know most of the dogs have company in their family areas until their next visit. 

This year we want to make the trek more inclusive so anyone with average fitness is invited to join us. We will be  trekking to the top and back just once but this time in fancy dress of your favourite rescue breed! 

So we expect to see lots of rescue Setters, Pointers, Spaniels, Labs, German Shepherds and of course lots of small, fluffy dogs, literally flying the flag at the top of Snowdon for rescue dogs everywhere. 

And if you would love to take part but not sure about the trekking – please join Fiona and I on the train to meet everyone at the top! 

If you’d love to join us please email:

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