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Betty’s Blog

Well it’s official – mum has finally relented and I get my own blog! Me, just a little rescue dog – how super cool is that!

I was born in Greece, one of the most beautiful places on earth with the ugliest reputation for stray dogs.

Not all the humans were unkind and lucky for me I was rescued by two lovely ladies called Fotini and Vaggelio. My mum calls them angels and she says despite all the horror stories that if it weren’t for angels like them all over Greece things would be a lot worse.

I can’t imagine things being worse because they are pretty terrible at the moment.

Anyway, every dog has a mission and mine is to help every shelter dog get their lucky break, especially the Ghost Dogs.

So please follow me on Instagram @betty_and_the_ghost_dogs and I will tell you more about shelter life and how you can help my poor friends, all over the world, who’ve been dumped in hell.

Thank you for caring ❤️