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Rescue doggies in Lockdown

Helping rescue dogs during this time has never been more urgent. And the best way you can help is to adopt a shelter dog.

Lemnos Dog Shelter

If you aren’t able to adopt right now you can support the rescue community and the thousands of adoptable dogs on Starlight Barking: in many others ways. 

Adopt a Shelter

First find a shelter. Maybe it’s one close to your hearts or homes or in a favourite holiday destination. If you need help then all our UK shelters are listed here on our website plus many more from our Greek rescue friends. More destinations will be following soon.

Get creative and competitive by tapping into your social network and sharing their dogs’ profiles to help them grab some attention! See how many followers you can convert into adopters! Your real friends will help you and the rewards watching your dogs get adopted are worth far more than the few friends you might lose.


The impact of this virus on fundraising means many rescues are struggling to provide for the dogs in their care. You can help by donating at or by using the donate button direct to the shelter of your choice. 

Re-discover your hidden talents and help more dogs! Our shelter friends are always looking for people to help with writing doggie profiles, photography and marketing. If you’d like to register as a volunteer, please drop and email to and we’ll happily connect you with a rescue group looking for help. 


Most other rescue groups are swamped with fostering enquiries right now and are doing their best to reply as soon as possible. So please don’t get disheartened if you don’t hear back immediately! We ourselves are always looking for foster homes for our Greek dogs so please do get in touch. 

Adopting a rescue dog isn’t for the faint-hearted but the rewards are immense. If you’d like to know more please contact: