Ghost Dogs

Ghost Dogs are a product of so many Greek shelters, dogs that have been there for years, waiting for their chance at a forever home. Our aim is to find homes for these special dogs. Below is a list of shelters with Ghost Dogs looking for homes, take a look, your new best friend could be waiting for you!

Compassion For Greek Paws

Meet Vixen!

Vixen will make the most amazing, loyal friend, she just needs to be given a chance and find her forever home, to be loved and given the time to heal from her frightening start in life.

Halkida Dog Shelter

Meet Maddie!

Maddie, brought in with her 3 pups, is looking to start afresh, once her puppies have left, away from the streets, which is probably the only life she has ever known. A real poppet!

Zante Strays

Meet Stevie!

Stevie is a softy, good with everything what walks around. He is born approx February 2010. His biggest wish is for a quiet forever home to spend the rest of his life with love and cuddles.

Skiathos Dog Welfare

Meet Fatsas!

Fatsas loves his affection and strokes and seems to get on with other dogs which he likes. He is a big food lover nd can’t wait to meet his forever family, where he can eat and cuddle forever.

Animal Rescue Kefalonia

Meet Bono!

Bono has been at ARK shelter for most of his adult life and is now ready for a home to call his very own. Bono enjoys the company of other dogs almost as much as human company.

Friends of the Strays of Greece

Meet Esmeralda!

Esmeralda is an older girl who would love a home at last, with regular walks, but without another dog. She is a little shy at first but she soon makes it obvious that she enjoys attention.

Paros Animal Welfare Society

Meet Paros!

Paros was born in 2011 and has been here quite a while. He really deserves a chance at a forever home. He is very friendly and easy to handle. He does not pull on the lead and would be an amazing friend.


Meet Rocco!

Rocco loves long walks and showing off what a handsome boy he is. He would love a chance at finding his forever home where he’ll spend the rest of his days showing you how wonderful he is.


Meet Urania!

I’m Urania, and I live up to my name, which means heavenly! I adore humans I think they are so amazing – I just want the cuddles! And I get on with everyone. Could you be my forever human?