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Lemnos Ghost Dogs – Update from Fotini

Winter is here, and as every winter, we are trying to find ways to improve the conditions of the shelter.

So this last week the shelter was under construction again.

Lots of work, many hours of our personal time but it’s worth it!!! Especially because this time we’re finally making a special area for our Ghost Dogs.

Of course, we couldn’t have done this without the help of Starlight Barking who helped us achieve our goal for improving the new areas. 

We have managed to cover the outside cages with more metal sheets to protect them from the rain and wind. All the runs are now concreted – no more puddles!

We have built two new doors.

We have created a new area where we can put a big size dog to have more space to move. 

But best of all we now have started on a new area for our last remaining Ghost Dogs who have been with us 5 years now since they were puppies. It will take a miracle for these dogs to find homes but we always live in hope. Meanwhile, they now have an area all for themselves we hope that it will make them feel so they can live their lives just a little more comfortably.

We want to thank all the people who have supported us with donations and tell them that every euros counts!!! Every euro you donate for the dogs, go to the dogs (and the cats) !!! 

Every euro you donate, we build!!! And we will never stop building as long as we have all you by our side!!! 

Together we can do amazing things for the dogs !!! Together we can make the difference!! 


But special thanks to Starlight Barking who is always by our side ♥️♥️


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