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For the Love of Lia

My name is Lia-Viviane but you can call me Lia. I used to have a dad. He was a very kind man and loved me dearly. We weren’t rich but his love was all I needed. 

A few months ago dad got very sick and I heard him begging his family to take care of me but no-one wanted me.

Dad was getting weaker by the day. I prayed for him. Yes I know that might sound strange to you but I did. I prayed really hard for us both. And I prayed that if dad couldn’t actually get better that he would at least die knowing that there would be someone there to love me as much he did. 

This obviously needed a miracle of some sort. I lived in Greece, the most beautiful country in the world with the ugliest reputation for us dogs. 

But then it happened! A miracle happened and two angels appeared on our doorstep. They weren’t your traditional angels with floaty dresses. They didn’t even have wings! But I could tell that they were angels because of this beautiful aura around them. 

Dad knew they were angels too. This was the last time I saw dad smile as he took me one last time in his shaky arms and kissed me and whispered that everything would be okay now. 

I don’t think I ever imagined that angels would cry but as they carefully lifted me off  dad I could see they were both holding back tears. They spoke softly and reassuringly to dad and told him they would take the best care of me and find me a mum or dad to love me like he had done. This would be impossible I knew – no one could love me like dad had. 

My heart was actually breaking. I knew I would never ever see this lovely man again. This dear man who had cared for me every day since he’d found me as a tiny puppy. This man who shared every last crumb. 

But instinctively I didn’t struggle. My prayers had been answered I was in the arms of the angels and this would be dad’s dying wish. 

I stupidly imagined that these angels must have come from Heaven but the place they took me to resembled Hell!

I tried so hard to be brave but I couldn’t imagine that any dog could survive in this place let alone a loved pet like me. 

They promised me that very soon I would get out of this place. If dad had trusted these angels then I would too.

Then one day a lady arrived – it was their friend – she didn’t speak much Greek but she spoke Dog perfectly and I understood that my prayers were going to be answered. 

I found myself at the groomers having all my fur chopped off. It felt so nice as I hadn’t been looking my best for a long time. I also had a bit of a tummy ache and problem peeing so when the vet checked me over and did blood tests. I was given special food and medicine so I would be ready in time for the trip of a life-time. 

Freedom Day arrived! I would travel with Wylan and Tucker, 2 fluffy dogs like me and Sunny and Rain the Beagle puppies. They all had homes to go to but I was going to a place called a foster home. 

So we had each other, but it was quite scary with things called boats and vans and it seemed to take a very long time, but our protectors, Yiannis and Phil, did everything to make us feel comfortable and safe.

Eventually our van stopped and Wylan got over his fear as he was welcomed by some lovely children. Next stop it was Tucker’s turn – his new family went wild with excitement and typical Tucker just trotted into their home like he’d lived there all his life! Finally the puppies, Sunny and Rain, got all the cuddles they needed to make them feel welcome. 

And then there was just me! 

Phil brought me to a lovely home where I was greeted by Willow and Missy, two very kind Westies who made me feel very welcome. They have a lovely mum and she’s going to be taking care of me for now. 

My tummy was hurting again but I thought it was just because I was a bit hungry. Willow suggested I needed a pee but I tried and tried and nothing came out.

In between giving me cuddles their mum was watching me closely. Next I knew she was putting me in her car. I really panicked……had I upset her? I hadn’t peed on her carpets – good dogs have manners! Were all my dreams coming to an end? 

Willow’s mum took me to a dog hospital! There were so many people and so many animals but everyone was very kind and made a big fuss of me. I had never felt so welcome. A vet examined me and said I would need an urgent operation the next day to remove the things inside that were stopping me pee. 

Whew! Well that would be a relief in every way. 

Everyone said I was very brave and next day I spent the day sleeping while the nasty things were taken out of me. 

In the last week I’ve seen more than I’ve ever seen in my whole 8 years of life. I’m now back with Willow, Missy and their mum. They’re being really kind and not upset that it’s little old me getting all the attention. 

Their mum say she’d love to adopt me but she thinks that there will be someone out there like my old dad who really needs a dog like me to make them feel loved and special. If she thinks that’s best I will go with that. I’ve already fallen in love with her. I think she saved my life but if I can help someone like my old dad then I think that’s really my purpose. 

I still miss my dad so much. My heart was completely shattered when I had to leave him but I’ve found love and soon I will be able to give someone my love. I just wanted him to know that. 

Willow’s mum must have read my mind. She has been taking lots of photos and sending them to the angels to take to my dad before it’s too late. I heard her talking on her phone to the them……

Dad has a human illness called Alzheimers – he will have already forgotten that he was so poorly that he had to give me up but he will always remember me his beloved Lia-Viviane. And when he sees my photo he will always remember the love we shared forever. 

I love and miss you dad but soon one day I will make another dad happy and that’s really a dog’s purpose! 

If you would like to help you with Lia’s vet bill, you can donate here.

Postscript to Lia’s Story

All our dogs are neutered (apart from puppies) wormed, de-fleaed, vaccinated, rabies and fully blood tested over and above DEFRA requirements and examined by the Greek vet and passed fit by them before they can travel. 

During the journey they are fed and cared for well and properly with air conditioning and relief breaks. 

At all times we are in contact with our drivers and they would advise if they had any concerns.

Unfortunately very occasionally the most unexpected things can happen – which is exactly what happened with poor Lia. 

Fortunately-it was quickly picked up by her fosterer and her vet and Lia is well on her way to recovery. 

The only damage is one very large bill! 

If you can help with even a few pounds we would be so grateful as we have a massive unexpected £1500 bill for little Lia. 

Thank you to everyone who can help in any small way. 

Donate here to help with Lia’s vet bill.

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