Meet our little stars

They would love you to get involved!

Starlight Barking is a tribute to all the Little Stars all over the World who battle tirelessly to improve the lives of animals in distress. We aim to link up all the Stars of Rescue, big and small, to collectively make a massive difference.

First off we’d like to introduce you to one our Little Greek Stars.

Friends of the Animals – Lemnos Shelter

Founded in 2014, this really is a family affair. The shelter and adoptions are managed by Fotini, who is a full-time mum and ground crew at Lemnos Airport.
Fotini is reliant on the goodwill of her family and friends to keep the 80+ dogs in the Lemnos shelter safe. Her sister Athina, niece Anastasia, and friends Vaggelio, and Eleftheria are there week-in, week-out supporting her. Even her 7 year old son, Victor, gets involved – which is fantastic for the shelter dogs, not only for the love and cuddles, but because by the time any lucky dogs are adopted they’re already really well socialised around children.
The Lemnos Shelter is home to 80+ dogs and although the volunteer team have found lots of wonderful adoptive homes, as fast as one dog is homed, there’s another dumped at the shelter or, in the case of puppies, found dumped with the garbage.
Very sadly the shelter has an enormous number of hunting dogs looking for homes: setters, pointers, retrievers and spaniels all dumped after visitors came for the hunting season then left without them.

If you would like more info on adopting one of these lovely dogs please contact us: