Hi I’m Achilles

About Achilles

Some time ago we found Achilles abandoned outside the shelter one morning. And like so often, we know nothing about his background or his life before then.
When it comes to people, Achilles is a real lovebug. This boy has so much love to give! So much it’s not surprising that he can get a little jealous if his owners pay too much attention to other dogs. He is selective about the dogs he spends time with, maybe finding the large number of boys at the shelter overwhelming. He has a ‘best friend’ – another male dog at the shelter, so with a slow and careful introduction, he can probably be a great companion for another dog. Achilles now shares his kennel and run with 2 females and 1 male Setter and they get on great, although Achilles will take time out when the Setters go a little crazy!
Achilles is estimated to be 2.5 years old, and weighs around 22 kilos. He’s s a lively and energetic dog, that needs an active family, willing to work with him both physically and mentally. A home where he can release his energy and get his daily dose of activities. If there are children in his future home, they must be older, Not because Achilles doesn’t like kids but because he might knock them over in his joy. He does not like cats and should not share a home with one. Since we have no idea if Achilles has ever lived inside a home, he will most likely have to learn a lot about being a family dog, he needs time, patience and love.

Achilles’s information:

Age: 2/3 years
Breed: Labrador Mix
Sex: Male

They call me the lovebug because I have so much love to give. This can sometimes make me a little jealous of other dogs if I have to share my humans. I find some of the male dogs at the shelter a bit overwhelming but I’m happy to share my pen with 3 crazy Setters who make me laugh. If you’re looking for a dog to shower you with affection then I’m your boy but if you’re looking for a clown then either of my Setter friends, Enzo or Jordan, will be perfect!