Hi I’m Adam


About Adam

Cute little Adam was clever enough to follow a kindly local couple home when he got hungry on the streets. Unable to keep him themselves, they gave him a good meal, shelter and contacted us so that we could find him his dream home. And we’re very sure that we’ll find his perfect family very quickly!

Adam appears to be some kind of a kokoni mix (a small Greek companion dog) and has the social character that these dogs are beloved for. He is estimated to be three years old, and weighs 9 kilos. He’s sterilised and deemed healthy, so more than ready to find his forever home! Before falling in love with him, remember that kokoni’s have short legs – often a little twisted – and long bodies – and like all similar breeds, they can be prone to luxating patella and will need to be carried up and down stairs etc. And although Adam seems fine now, your budget / insurance should be able to deal with it in the future. (yes, it freaks us out that some vets suggest euthanasia for the slightest limp… would you want your life ended because of a dodgy leg?)

Adam thrives with the other dogs in the shelter, but so far shows a preference for female companionship of the doggy variety. He is also very accepting of our shelter cats. He really is a dream of a little guy! When he first arrived at the shelter, he was extremely stressed and it took him quite a few days to settle down Therefore, we believe a quieter environment would be better for him. No city living for this little guy! Now that he has settled in, we can see what a cute and cuddly little guy he is. But we know that change is difficult for him, so it’s something that his new family should be aware of.

As with all our dogs, we have no idea if Adam ever lived at the heart of a family and in a home. This means his future family need to expect to start with all training from the beginning as one would with a little puppy – toilet training, walking on a lead, alone home training – he’ll need it all! But we are sure that he’s a very sweet boy, so a little patience and he’ll be a wonderful family member!

Adam’s information:

Age: 3 years old
Breed: Kokoni mixed
Sex: Male

I’m a beautiful boy looking for a happy family in a quiet country home! It might take me a little while to settle in, but once I feel safe I’ll shower you with love and cuddles!