Hi I’m Aris

About Aris

Fun-loving little Aris used to live a life with a family, but he was surrendered because his family thought he was too active.

At first, poor Aris was in shock, but then he found a new new friend in lively little Malcolm, who warmly welcomed him and instantly wanted to play. They are two equally energetic guys who love to fool around together – the perfect match! The two friends spend all their time outside their cages playing with each other and have become very good friends.

Aris has met cats at the shelter and so far, hasn’t shown tendencies to hunt them. So he likely can live with a kitty, so long as his future family have patience and introduce them correctly.

Aris is a very active young boy, just two years old, and so should his future family need to be just as active. He definitely needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to thrive. And would clearly love to have a friendly doggy pal to burn energy with (or else adopt Malcolm too!)

Although he is an adult dog, he behaves like a puppy, so his future family need to treat and train him as if he’s a baby.

But he is the cutest little guy and so friendly. He’s not big – just 13 kg of energy!

Although Aris is an adult dog and has lived with a family, his future home must be prepared for the fact that there is lots he needs to learn still – but it will be worth it.

Aris’s information:

Age: 2 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I’m a mischievous teenager who still thinks I’m a puppy! I love everyone and everything, especially my best buddy, Malcolm. If we could find a home together that would be a dream but otherwise I think I would love to live with a very active family who could teach me good manners.