Hi I’m Aris


About Aris

Aris is an adorable little male dog who, like Didi, was the adored pet of a local animal lover. Although she was not well off, she loved her animals and shared the little she had with her beloved dogs. Unfortunately, she’s very ill now, hospitalised, and to her despair, unable to take care of her dogs. She has entrusted them to us and asked us to find new, loving homes for them.

At the moment, Aris lives with his friend, Bijoux, in their owner’s backyard, and we visit each day to look after them. His friend Didi was lucky to be adopted and is on his way to the UK now.

Although Aris has not experienced much in his life, he is a wonderful dog, very affectionate, easy going and playful! He is 6 years old, but thinks he is a puppy.  Lots of energy in his little body! He can be a little skeptical of new people at first, but that quickly passes and he allows himself to be petted and cuddled. He’s 6 years old and weighs 7 kilos – but he is underweight and needs to gain 2-3 kilos.

Aris hasn’t met children yet – and likely has zero experience with them, so we think it might be stressful for him. So if there are children in his future family they should be older and dog experienced.

Aris got a hair cut, his teeth cleaned (and a few rotten ones removed!) so he’s like a new boy! Aris has some protruding teeth. They don’t bother him now, but his future family will need to keep an eye on them.

He gets along very well with his “siblings” and he has met other dogs on walks, with no issue. But cats those guys are for chasing! And mice well, let’s put it this way, you won’t need a cat to keep mice at bay with Aris around.

It is important to know that Aris and his pals lived mainly in the backyard, with access to shelter, so he’ll likely need to learn about life living in a home. Aris’ world has so far been very limited to date – and even though he’s a courageous and clever little man, he’ll need love and understanding as he explores it.

Like many rescue dogs, Aris has had to fend for himself and is an escape artist extraordinaire! His new forever family will need to have a VERY secure garden which, until he feels safe, he should never be left alone in.

Aris’s information:

Age: 6 years old
Breed: Kokoni / Maltese / Poodle Cross aka Fluffy White Greek Rescue!
Sex: Male

I’m an easy-going, affectionate little boy. I’m missing my mum very much but as I don’t think she will ever be coming back I would love if another kind family would adopt me and my friend, Bijoux.

We don’t need to be adopted together but it would be amazing if we could be!

We are living alone right now but a kind lady who volunteers at the shelter visits us every day so we don’t have to go into a cage in that horrible place.

If you can’t adopt us please could you consider fostering us. We’re very good at escaping, so I think we would need a nice secure garden but apart from that we think we’re pretty perfect dogs!

Thank you for reading about us. If we’re not the dog for you perhaps you know someone else who might love us……and maybe you will find your forever dog here on this website. There are 1000s of us rescue dogs looking for homes.