Hi I’m Athos (and Aramis)

About Athos (and Aramis)

Identical twins, Athos and Aramis, are hungry for the love of a real family.
On one of Greece’s ‘holiday’ islands, some hardworking volunteers have created a makeshift space to keep the stray puppies safe – and to vaccinate them and try to find homes for them. These stunning brothers were tossed over the fence of the shelter, along with the brother and sister – that’s how little respect their ‘owner’ had for them.
Luckily, none of the babies were injured, and were quite happy to find themselves among so many puppy-playmates! Luck stayed on the side of Athos and Aramis’s brother and sister, and they were quickly adopted. Now we think the handsome boys deserve some good fortune too!
At 6 months old, the brothers weigh 17 kilos and were recently sterilised. The vet believes they will grow to be a least 30 kilo – and that they are some kind of Labrador mix. They are extremely good natured dogs, that the volunteers describe as being ‘polite and well mannered’ and have very lovable and affectionate characters. They are excellent with other dogs – and have not met cats yet.
Athos and Aramis would match most active families looking for an ideal family dog. Could one of the boys be the dog you’ve been dreaming of?

Athos (and Aramis)’s information:

Age: 6 months old
Breed: Labrador mix
Sex: Male

We get on well with other dogs and children, but haven’t met a cat yet!