Hi I’m Azor


About Azor

This is Azor, an extremely sweet 4 year old boy who was born at the shelter. He is a little guy, weighing under 10 kg. Azor’s story is a sad one – born at the shelter at a time when they had very few volunteers and almost no resources to give him the socialisation he needed to become happy and confident dog. Azor absolutely adores other dogs. With other dogs he is playful, confident, and fun. But this side of him is something we can only observe. And even with the volunteers that he knows, he is still very reserved. Just two weeks ago we witnessed a big breakthrough for Azor. On the same day that Kiveli took her first walk outside the shelter, so did Azor! Just imagine, the very first time in his entire life that he walked outside the shelter gates by choice! Although he was nervous, he was very brave. And we are so so proud of our little man.

So what has changed for Azor? Maybe one thing is that his best friend Mania recently left recently for a new life in Sweden. Since Mania left, Azor has been withdrawn and sad. Maybe wanted to show us that he too deserves to leave the shelter like Mania, that he too is ready.

Azor’s future family needs to have patience and love in bucket loads, and needs to live very quietly. Azor cannot live with young kids – he’s very gentle but their noise and spontaneity would terrify him. His future family has to have a VERY secure garden – and for the first months, all walks will need to take place in the garden with a harness. It is a must that Azor’s future family live in the countryside and have a friendly dog that he can bond with. We cannot imagine him surviving without a friendly dog who he could lean on and learn from.

Azor’s information:

Age: 4 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I’m a shy boy around people, but I love other dogs! I just need a loving family who is willing to give me time and a chance to show how amazing I can be!