Hi I’m Bruna

About Bruna

Bruna has been with us, staying at a local foster home, for a few years now….but because of her former injuries, no one has shown any interest in her. But maybe there’s a family out there who can see that Bruna is happy and living a normal life and who can see her beauty and love her the way she deserves!

Bruna is an adorable female dog, who is approximately 5 years old. She was abandoned after a bad car accident that left her with a broken pelvis and a broken femur (her back right leg). We ensured she got the treatment that she needed and she underwent very successful surgery.  Today, she can walk and run very well, but has a slight lameness that the vet says will remain with her for life. When we found Bruna, one of her ears was cut and she was missing an eye. At first, we thought it was caused by the car accident, but after a full medical examination and CAT scan, we discovered that her head contains about 30 pellets so someone had deliberately shot at her head!

In spite of all she has been through, Bruna is a happy girl and a very expressive one. She makes a funny growling noise to get attention and flops on her back to beg for cuddles. She shares her foster home with 3 other dogs and several cats and enjoys playing with them all. In fact, Bruna loves her cat friends more than the other dogs!

So, Bruna’s future family….where are you? This sweetie really deserves the best!

Dogs –  Bruna needs to get to know other dogs – she can be a bit jealous or suspicious of other dogs, but with time and the right introduction, she’s fine.



Bruna’s information:

Age: 5 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I get on well with dogs and especially love cats.