Hi I’m Cassidy

About Cassidy

We rarely know any background to the dogs who are dumped at the shelter. We can only imagine when we see the fear in their  eyes what they have been through.

Cassidy and her friend Cassiopi were 3 weeks, shaking, terrified and scared stiff to come out of their tiny cell at Lemnos Shelter.

When they finally took the courage to come out and meet some of the other dogs and cats……we could see what beautiful girls they were!

We’d ideally love to home them together as they have a very strong bond but would also consider homing them separately.

They were found by a woman when they were tiny puppies and she kept them, but now she decided she couldn’t keep them any longer and left them at the shelter.
Cassidy is a bit overwhelmed right now by the noise and all the dogs at the shelter and she’s a bit anxious and suspicious, but she’s slowly getting used to life here.
She is friendly, she lets you cuddle her when she’s on the leash and she takes treats from you, but she’s still a shy little girl and will need time to settle down and adjust to her new environment.
Cassidy is about 3-4 years old and she’s a rather small sized dog; weighs only about 12-14 kilos.
She’s met some of the dogs at the shelter and she is friendly towards them.
She’s also met cats and she doesn’t seem to take any notice of them.
We think she’ll prefer to live on the countryside where the environment is a bit calmer.
We also don’t know if she has ever lived inside a house (even though she had an owner), so her future family will need to be patient and help her learn about life as a family dog.
Maybe sweet Cassidy is the dog you’ve been looking for?

Cassidy’s information:

Age: 3- 4 years
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m a sweet girl looking for a family who will understand my fears and help me learn to be a playful dog again.