Hi I’m Ella (& Fivos)

About Ella (& Fivos)

Cruela (Ella) and Fivos are  inseparable – a true couple that never leave each others’ side! It’s love! They play together, sleep together, and eat together.

Ella is about 4 years old now, and although she is a reserved dog, she loves to cuddle with the people she trusts. Fivos is about 5 years old and has spent his entire life at the shelter, having been dumped as a little puppy. He was terrified of people and we couldn’t touch him. We could only imagine what this little boy had been through before arriving at the shelter.

But then little Ella arrived at the shelter, and they clicked! She was also a shy dog, but her friendship made this tail wag! Their love for each other helped them both to heal. It’s really impossible to find two sweeter or more kindhearted dogs than these two.

Ella is about 12 kilos, and never causes any issues – just spread smiles with her gentle character. We dream of one day getting updates about her from a quiet and loving home in the countryside that adopted them both!

Ella (& Fivos)’s information:

Age: 4 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I dream of a loving home with my best friend Fivos.