Hi I’m Curly

About Curly

Cute, fluffy dogs have an enormous amount of adoption requests and Curly was no exception.

He was all set with his passport and ready to leave the shelter when his blood tests picked up a minor infection which he needed to be treated for before he was considered fit to travel.

Curly’s blood tests are now all negative and he is fit and raring to go and in true fluffy dog style is going to make his new mum or dad very happy.

We have no idea about Curly’s past but we think he is about 3 years old. He’s great with sensible children. We think he should definitely be an only dog as he becomes very attached to his carers and isn’t ready to share you!

That said, he will pick and choose his doggie friends, and have fun with those he likes but remind any bigger boys that he is top dog! (Or so he thinks…..)

Curly is extremely loving and affectionate and will be the perfect addition to a family ready to help him forget his past and focus on becoming the perfect lap dog.

Curly walks well on a lead, has a medium activity level and will need normal doses of physical and mental stimulation.

Curly thinks very energetic dogs and puppies are incredibly irritating. However he likes to play with two females at the shelter and he also really loved an elderly female who is now adopted.

Curly is obedient and we believe he will be a fine companion dog if given the chance.
He has met cats and he doesn’t fancy them, so he’d better not live with them.

We believe he can thrive with calmer and slightly older children.

Although Curly is an adult dog, we’ve no idea if he has ever lived inside before, so he’ll need to learn everything about life in a home from the beginning.

Curly’s information:

Age: 3 years old
Breed: Mixed terrier
Sex: Male

I’m cute and fluffy and ready to be the perfect lap dog! I would love a family to call my own. I’ve been too long at the shelter.