Hi I’m Dasher

About Dasher

Dasher was recently found straying and brought to the shelter for his safety. He had a microchip but it wasn’t registered and no one has come to claim him.

Dasher is definitely a hunting dog mix, and as is obviously very interested in it, so he shouldn’t live with a cat. Little Dasher is estimated to be 14 months old, and basically just a big puppy with lots of energy. He’s not a big boy, weighing approximately 12 kilos. We imagine him in an active home; a home that likes to activate their dog with long walks and is also prepared to give him the mental stimulation he needs.

We believe that his happy-go-lucky nature means that he can thrive both in urban and country environments, as long as he gets the activity he needs. We believe he can live with children because he is so soft and kind in contact with people. Dasher is great with the other dogs at the shelter, so if there is another dog in his future home, it should be no issue.

Even though Dasher is  just over 1 year old, he has most likely never lived indoors, so basic training about what’s expected of a dog living as a family member needs to start from the beginning.

Dasher’s information:

Age: 14 months old
Breed: Setter/Spaniel Mix
Sex: Male

I’m a lively puppy with a happy-go-lucky nature and I’m ready to learn all your house rules if someone will give me the chance. I promise to love you very much!