Hi I’m Dave

About Dave

Dave is the most loving, exuberant, sweetie pie who through no fault of his own finds himself looking for his third home! He is the loveliest boy who just needs discipline and will be the most fantastic addition to any experienced family. He loves other dogs and humans and is unfazed by other animals like horses. Unlike many rescue dogs, Dave is great with men.

Ideally Dave is looking for a home with an older calm dog who will teach Dave how to have good manners.

Poor Dave arrived as a puppy from Greece, with his sibling, just over a year ago. His brother fell on his paws but sadly Dave didn’t get quite the same sound start and found himself looking for a new home once a baby arrived on the scene.

In his next home Dave was doing exceedingly well and excelled at training classes. He’s obviously got the Collie intelligence in him and in the right home will be destined for great things. We think he would thrive at agility. Unfortunately, an accident befell his new mum and, as she lives alone, she can no longer keep him.

Dave is currently in an experienced foster home with a lovely couple who have had working Collies their whole  life. They see the huge potential in Dave for someone younger. They would love to adopt him and are very attached… seeing Dave go to loving new homes will be the best thing. Their only reward is knowing that they’ve been part of Dave’s journey.

More info about Dave from Fiona: fiona@dev.topleftdesign.com 

Dave’s information:

Age: 18 months old
Breed: Collie/Shepherd Cross
Sex: Male

I’m a loving but strong boy. I know all the house rules but just need someone to keep reminding me! I love everyone and everything. I dream of a family to call my own with another dog who will teach me good manners. ❤️