Hi I’m DeeDee

About DeeDee

DeeDee was born on 24 April 2022.

Deedee is a mixed breed pup and is the smallest and quieter one of her siblings. Her weight is 13kg (Aug’22) She will be a medium/large dog.

She’s so affectionate, playful and looks forward to human attention. She shows her cheeky side by pulling the blankets out of her bed and running along with them!

She has walked well out on the lead recently with her siblings. She is friendly with the other dogs, wagging her tail at the pens wanting to play!

Please consider giving this loving pup her forever home so she does not grow up in a shelter. Thank you for reading.

All enquiries to C4GP at compassionforgreekpaws@gmail.com.

DeeDee’s information:

Age: 6 months old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m an affectionate, playful pup and I love other dogs. Please don’t let me grow up in the shelter.