Hi I’m Didi

About Didi

This sweet boy was found all alone in a house with his 2 doggie friends fending for themselves for over a month. Their elderly owner was in Athens undergoing chemotherapy and was absolutely devastated when she discovered that no one from her family had bothered to check in on her 3 beloved dogs.

What can we say about this diamond boy? His rescuer describes him as: “Just gorgeous and amazing! So kind, so mature, so playful, so magnificent!!! He walks incredibly well with a leash and is for sure some kind of Prince!!!”

Didi is around 6 years old and 14 kilos with a wonderful character but doesn’t like cats. He loves adult humans but will need a gentle introduction to children.

Either a city or countryside home will suit him. He is very chilled and confident once he learns he can trust you. He is just learning to play ball!

Didi’s information:

Age: 6 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I’m a really good gentle boy with a great character and once I have learned to trust you I will be the most loyal companion ever.