Hi I’m Domna


About Domna

Sweet Domna and her cute son were recently abandoned at the shelter. As with most of our dogs, we know nothing about their live before that day. What we do know is that they are wonderful dogs and we can’t imagine why anyone could even considering dumping them in this way.

Domna weighs 12,3kilos and is estimated to be 3 years old. She has a wonderful character – a very friendly little girl who is social and outgoing with everyone – people, other dogs and even cats. We imagine Domna could thrive in a family with kids who have been brought up to respect animals and give them space.

Although Domna is an adult dog, we don’t know if she’s ever lived inside a home. So her future family need to start everything as if she was a pup in terms of toilet training and other basic commands. But she’s a wonderful little dog and we’re certain that her future family are super lucky!

Domna’s information:

Age: 3 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m a lovely, social girl with a happy, smiley face, and nothing but love to give. I’d make any family very happy to have me!