Hi I’m Edward


About Edward

Adorable Edward and his sweet mom Domna were recently abandoned at the shelter. As with most of our dogs, we know nothing about their lives before that day. What we do know is that they are wonderful dogs and we can’t imagine why anyone could even considering dumping them in this way.

Edward is about 4 months old and we believe he’ll be 15 kilos as an adult. Just like his mom, he has a great character – social with people, other dogs and even cats. We imagine Edward could thrive in a family with kids who have been brought up to respect animals and give them space.
Without doubt, Edward will be a fantastic family dog if he is trained and supported the way a puppy should be.

As with all puppies, his future family needs to be ready for sleepless nights, pee and poo everywhere, scratched furniture, chewed shoes, long days of learning to be home alone and of course, training to walk on a lead. Right now, he is very well socialised with other dogs and cats, but more training will be needed to make sure he doesn’t develop bad habits and continues to be a happy and social dog. His future family also needs to commit to sterilising him as soon as he reaches sexual maturity – we tolerate zero breeding with our dogs and don’t agree with them battling with unnecessary hormones throughout their lives if not sterilised.

Edward’s information:

Age: 4 months old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I’m an absolute sweetheart who gets on with everyone, humans, dogs and cats! I can’t wait to have a family of my own to cuddle up with!