Hi I’m Emilio

About Emilio

You haven’t forget handsome Emilio, have you? Estimated to be about 4 years old and to weigh 17 kilos, he was left outside the shelter with Kemal. Maybe they had they same owner, maybe they were strays together and people didn’t like them hanging around – who knows. But we love them,

At first, we called Emilio the king as he seemed so aloof and ‘above’ everyone. Now, we get plenty of kisses – and he soaks up lots of cuddles! But we see it differently – he now seems more like a dog who was badly abused and who has built up a wall to protect himself.

Emilio‘s future family needs to be prepared to start from the beginning and train him as one would a small pup – and be prepared for some baggage! We’re looking for an experienced family, without small kids, that can help him learn to feel loved.

Our experience of Emilio is that he’d prefer to be the only dog in a family – so he could get all the attention and be adored! Maybe there is someone out there who wants just him!

Emilio’s information:

Age: 4 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I’d prefer to be an only dog so I can steal all your cuddles!