Hi I’m Enzo

About Enzo

Enzo came into our care after a kindly local saw him straying and was sure someone must be missing this lovely dog. But of course, he wasn’t chipped nor was any one looking for him. But he’s so welcome with us at the shelter!

Enzo is a very social dog who loves people and works perfectly with all the dogs at the shelter. With cats he’s a bit of a mystery. He can let cats come close to him when we are next to him and he can even let them sit on his head! But on other occasions he seems to want to hunt them. Our conclusion is that he probably shouldn’t live with a cat. He loves children so kind children who have been brought up to respect dogs should be no problem.

We believe Enzo will thrive best in a home where he doesn’t have to be alone much. As he is so social a more urban environment could likely work – as long as there are plenty of green areas and an active family that understand how to activate him. Enzo is estimated to be 2 years old – his young age coupled with his breed means he will need plenty of exercise and stimulation.He also has a strong hunting instinct and wants to chase anything that flies. So we would loved if Enzo’s future family have a secure garden where he can release his energy.

Since we have no idea if Enzo has ever lived inside a home, he will most likely have to learn a lot about being a family dog – and need time, patience and love.

Enzo’s information:

Age: 2 years old
Breed: Setter mix
Sex: Male

I’m very sociable boy who loves life! I get on really well with other dogs and children but am not a huge fan of cats unless they’re really chilled.