Hi I’m Esther

About Esther

Esther is a beautiful, slightly older lady.  She is a perfect mix of energy combined with the ability to relax. She would love to live in the countryside, go for long walks and run happily in a fenced garden.

Aged about 7 years old, Esther is neutered and weighs 16 kilos. A man brought her to the shelter, eager to get rid of her as he maintained that Esther had chased his chickens. We guess she was hungry, poor thing.

Esther has a high hunting instinct and thinks that the shelter cats are for chasing, so she shouldn’t live with them.

Esther thrives with the other dogs she has met so far at the shelter. She’s also very kind towards people and loves cuddles. Since she’s so friendly and kind, we believe she can live with children who’ve been raised to respect animals.

We have no idea if Esther ever has lived inside a house, so her future family will need to be patient and help her learn.

Even though she is a bit older, Esther is an alert lady with a lot of love to give her future family. If she’s given support, love and time, we’re sure she’ll become a real treasure for her family.


Esther’s information:

Age: 7 years old
Breed: Setter
Sex: Female

Although I’m now 7 years old I’m still full of life and have a lot of love to give. I don’t like cats but love other dogs and humans equally. Having cuddles is my favourite thing.