Hi I’m Eugene

Growing in confidence and kind to cats

About Eugene

Eugene spent his first months living with this siblings in a warehouse on the island of Lemnos. He is now safe at the shelter but this is no place for a puppy to grow up.

Eugene is a very beautiful little guy with his white coat, cute small ears and alert dark eyes. He’s a small sized dog and we don’t expect that he will be nuch more than 10 kilos fully grown.

Eugene loves to play with his siblings and he’s also kind to the shelter cats. He’s fully vaccinated and ready to leave the shelter as soon as we find him that special home.

Eugene’s information:

Age: 8 months
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

My start in life was tough and I’m still a little shy but growing in confidence every day. I love to play with my siblings and I’m kind to cats.