Hi I’m Finn

Finn And Ferbie
Finn And Ferbie
Finn And Ferbie
Finn And Ferbie
Finn And Ferbie

About Finn

These two little boys are breaking our hearts. They’ve been through so much and are now waiting very patiently for that special someone to come into their little lives. They are currently being fostered by Wendy at her home in the UK.

They’ve been with us 3 weeks now and are really fantastic little house guests, as good as gold and absolutely no trouble. They’re just so grateful for a warm bed, good food, a trot around the garden and a tummy rub. They’re extremely affectionate and playful and their little tails don’t stop wagging. We think they’re around 7 years of age but they act a lot younger.

They would love to live with someone either retired or works from home but who doesn’t have young children or cats. They’ve both been health checked here in the UK with full blood tests which, despite their past life, were all good results. They’re both gaining weight and should eventually be about 7 kilos. The only consideration for the future is that both have low grade heart murmurs which do not require medication but is something a vet will keep an eye on, also, as with all senior dogs, a dental might also be advisable at some point in the future.

Please will you help Ferbie and Finn find that special someone? Here is their story:

Ferbie and Finn were dumped at Lemnos shelter by a farmer’s daughter, having been chained up for 7 years on the farm. They were totally emaciated, eyes congealed with gunge and fur so matted it was rock hard and needed to be shorn.

The shelter team: Fotini, Vaggelio, Maria, Keisi and little Victor do everything possible to help those dogs but it’s a never ending struggle as more and more dogs are dumped. They did their best for Ferbie and Finn but they knew they needed to get them out before the harsh Lemnos winter sets in.

We offered to bring them to the UK as the shelter is no place for a tiny underweight dog. They passed their health checks, just Ferbie has a low-grade heart murmur (not needing medication at the moment) and set off with tails still wagging on their journey.

Their little tails were still wagging when they arrived here in the UK but we were totally scared as we picked them up that we’d break them as every bone was sticking out. They settled in immediately, no sign of being nervous or shy like many of the dogs who we’ve fostered.

24 hours later our worst nightmare happened. Finn had morphed into a very sick dog and was going downhill so fast that we didn’t think he’d see the night out. Sparing you the full graphics, it was like all his insides were coming out but all I was focussed on were his little eyes, they were misting over turning grey. I will never, ever forget that look straight into my eyes pleading with his last breaths to help him.

It was Sunday – my own vet was closed and I would need to go to the emergency vet which would mean I had a 50:50 chance of finding a vet sympathetic to foreign rescue dogs. I do believe all vets are amazing but I really needed one for Finn who 100% understood why we do what we do.

Last year a new veterinary practice opened in our area. They are Greek! And they are wonderful! They are private and not part of a big business brand. Everyone locally is raving about them. Sadly I didn’t get my registration in to them in time and so am still waiting patiently on their waiting list… they are open on Sunday!

I think Finn’s story broke the heart of the receptionist and lovely Nikos, the vet, told me to rush Finn in. Nikos met me at the car wearing a face mask and it was an eye thing again. He didn’t have to say a thing – I could see it in his eyes how poorly Finn was which he confirmed after an examination and blood tests were taken.

Despite having all his health checks to travel, Finn’s immune system was so weak that he had picked up an infection which could have killed him. After all Finn had been through the thought of losing him was unbearable.

Finn was treated with so much love and I do believe Nikos saved Finn. We saw Nikos again last Thursday and the joy in his eyes as he came to pick Finn up was overwhelming. When Nikos brought Finn back to the car I don’t know who was the happiest. Finn had put on a kilo in 12 days!

After Finn’s last check-up this week both boys will be ready to go to their forever families. We’re sure to have a lot of adoption requests so we’d be grateful if anyone interested would please consider all their needs before applying. We really are looking for two very special homes for two very special boys.

Whilst in foster they have been crate trained. Finn never has accidents. Ferbie occasionally can’t quite make it through the night, but is clean during the day. They eat in their crate three times a day for now. They’re both really funny and any kibble left over they bury with a blanket. Finn does this effortlessly but Ferbie upends his dish and sends kibble flying everywhere.

They both walk beautifully on a lead and definitely have a Yorkie strut, but their breed looks to us to be a mix of Yorkie, Bichon, Havanese, Maltese,Tibetan Terrier. They both weigh 5.8 kilos now but we believe should be 7 kilos eventually. Their fur is going to be long again soon so will need someone happy to groom them or take them for a pamper.

They are absolutely happy in their crates, provided they can see you! They both have separation anxiety, Ferbie’s is the most extreme, but we’re sure in time this can be worked on. Ferbie has a very shrill bark so will either need very understanding neighbours or a detached home.

As with all seniors we need two families with a very big hearts, happy to take on insurance and veterinary costs that might arise in the future with an older dog.

At the shelter both dogs had no issue with other dogs and were happy to cuddle with calm and respectful kids that visited the shelter. However, we would prefer they were homed as only dogs and in a home without young children – although we don’t see calm, well-behaved grandchildren visiting as being a problem. They both HATE cats!!

As you can see we are smitten with this adorable pair. They deserve a second chance at having a proper life and really will be the most perfect companions for someone retired or working from home.

Do you know that perfect someone for Ferbie and Finn?

Finn’s information:

Age: 7 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male