Hi I’m Fivos (& Ella)

We'd love a forever home together!

About Fivos (& Ella)

Fivos and Ella are such a devoted couple that we can’t ever split them up.

Fivos came to the shelter 6 years ago as a terrified puppy, Ella arrived some months later later and her sad past showed through with her initial feistiness and was originally named Cruela!

But she took Fivos under her wing, love blossomed and are both now two incredible dogs so we think she is better suited to the softer sounding Ella!

Although they are 24/7 in the hell hole they have been so well socialised by Fotini and team on their weekly visit that they are just ready and waiting for that perfect home in the countryside with older children and a secure garden. They get on great with other sociable dogs and Ella will put any scamps in their place if they’re too boisterous!

They walk well on the lead and on our visits to the shelter have always been so happy to greet all of us. It’s just heartbreaking to see them year after year watching their shelter mates get adopted and the only reason they are still there is because they come as a couple.

We all dream of one day seeing this gorgeous pair curled up in a big basket by someone’s fireside. That would be Fivos and Ella’s dream come true.

Adoption info for the Lemnos Dog Shelter: fiona@starlighbarking.co.uk

Fivos (& Ella)’s information:

Age: 6 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I dream of a loving home with my best friend Ella.