Hi I’m Fluffy

About Fluffy

Is Fluffy the dog you’ve been waiting for?

Fluffy is an wonderful dog that arrived on our recent transport from Lemnos. We actually believed he was adopted – or at least, fostered with a view to adopt, but sadly the family got cold feet at the last possible minute.

With his papers in order, his passport prepared and a space in the van reserved, of course we weren’t going to let him down, so we welcomed him as a foster dog ourselves.

Fluffy is an adorable young man who loves attention, lots of cuddles and playtime with other dogs. Our fantastic volunteer on Lemnos, Foteini, was completely in love with him and misses his special little presence terribly. And we understand why – he’s very easy to love.

Fluffy is two years old, and circa 7 kilos. His future family need to understand that he’s a dog that will require grooming and trips to the dog hairdresser. When he was found straying, his fur was in a horrible matted condition and he needed to be completely shaved. Poor boy – he must have really suffered.

Fluffy would love to live with a family that have lots of time for him and who want him to be part of every adventure. He likes kids – if they have been brought up properly to respect animals and give them space – and he has no issue with cats. As for dogs, he’d love a doggy friend in his future home.

Fluffy’s information:

Age: 2 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I love dogs, cats and children!