Hi I’m Freya

About Freya

Freya is an amazing girl with a great character. She’s very social, she runs directly up to you for cuddles. She has a lot of fantastic, contagious energy, so an active home in a rural area would be best for her.
She will need proper training to keep on building that amazing character of hers. She needs both physical and mental challenges every day and would love to go for long exciting walks, play in dog parks, do some nose work or maybe train agility? This girl will probably love it all!
And she’s so beautiful; she has an amazing fluffy grey (and a little brown) fur, cute little ears and a happy, wagging tail.
She gets along perfectly with people and the other dogs at the shelter. But when it comes to cats- no cats for her!
Freya is a young dog (about 18 months old) and she weighs about 19 kilos.
We don’t know anything about her past before she arrived at the shelter. And then of course we have no idea if she has ever lived indoors, so her future family will need to help her understand what it’s like to live as a family dog.
But in the right active home we’re sure she’ll make a family very happy!
Are you the one who can give beautiful Freya all the love she deserves.

Freya’s information:

Age: 18 months
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m a happy girl who loves cuddles and to play with the other dogs but cats are a no-no! I’m as bright as a button and think I would love to learn new things with my forever family.