Hi I’m Georgie

About Georgie

Georgie was born in October 2017. He weighs approx 30kg, a larger dog. He is not as tall as his siblings, he takes after his mum, more muscular.

Georgie has a calm character, he is very sweet and good with other dogs. Although quite shy initially, once he knows you, he adores a fuss.

He shares a pen with Henrietta and enjoys her company. He likes his run time and sitting on his house watching what’s going on. Georgie once comfortable is so loving and such a softie! He plays with toys & runs up and down with them.

He looks forward to his food and enjoys a groom. He has been out walking but still needs to build his confidence up further when out.

His 4 siblings are Button, Hector, Sunny, Danny (all adopted). His mum is Beatrice (adopted)

Georgie is the last sibling of this little family looking for his home. It would be wonderful for him to have his forever sofa! Thank you for reading.

All enquiries to C4GP at compassionforgreekpaws@gmail.com.

Georgie’s information:

Age: 5 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male

I’m a calm, sweet boy who gets on well with other dogs but can be a little shy until I get to know you. I love my toys and food and being groomed. Please help me find a family of my very own I’ve waited such a very long time!