Hi I’m Ginger

About Ginger

Ginger And Karma are two sweet, 2 year old girls who are best friends and have lived their entire lives at the shelter, having arrived as young puppies. Although the girls look similar, each weigh circa 12 kilos, and are the same age, we don’t believe they are sisters.

Karma and Ginger are best friends but so shy it was impossible to imagine them being adopted and thriving as family dogs. But last summer, a friend of the shelter devoted her time to helping the girls grow in confidence. Under her care, they learned to walk on a lead and started to explore life outside the shelter.

The girls don’t need to be adopted together, but each seek a calm and experienced home with a secure garden. And preferably with a kind and steady dog friend that they can learn from. We hope these good girls will be the lucky ones some day!


Ginger’s information:

Age: 2 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I would love to live in a calm home, without children, with a confident doggie  friend.