Hi I’m Goofy (and Naya)

Naya & Goofy
Naya & Goofy
Naya & Goofy
Naya & Goofy
Naya & Goofy

About Goofy (and Naya)

Naya and Goofy came to the shelter as young pups four years ago. As is the fate so often for black dogs, they didn’t attract attention from adopters when they were little, so they grew up at the shelter. As is often the case for dogs who have spent a lifetime at a shelter, they became increasingly shy. Although we do our best at Lemnos shelter, the dogs live in their cages 24 7, only getting to socialise with each other and with people when we volunteers can visit. This means that Naya and Goofy have not experienced much.

To be honest, until recently we were not sure that Naya and Goofy would ever be considered adoptable. But we have been lucky enough to see these characters begin to change and begin to seek more and more contact with us and with other people who come to the shelter. The two siblings now can walk on a lead, and look forward to take walks and go on adventures when some of the local students come to visit. We are so thrilled and excited by their progress, and we’ve started to believe that there is a forever home for them out there after all.

If Naya and Goofy could choose their own home, we’re sure that they would choose one together. They are extremely bonded and even when playing with the other dogs they are never far apart. Can we possibly be lucky enough to find a home for them together? Two shy, black dogs? Who need time patients and a quiet environment? But hey, you wonderful people have started to allow us believe in miracles. Maybe it will be a miracle for Naya and Goofy.

The two dogs are extremely gentle by nature, and have calm yet playful characters. They do well with other dogs, but they hate the shelter cats, so no cats please! They are four years old, and weigh approximately 18 kg. Do you think that their dream home is out there? We can imagine them living in a quiet home in the countryside, maybe with an older, retired couple that understand dogs. Can you help them by sharing their story?

Goofy (and Naya)’s information:

Age: 4 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male and Female

We’d love to be rehomed together if possible! We’re not cat lovers though, so not cats please!