Hi I’m Hearty

About Hearty

The Love Puppies – their name sounds a lot more uplifting than their story is. But maybe it will ensure that their lives are full of love going forward – after all, they were found on Valentine’s Day.

Yes, someone dumped 5 puppies – that were about 2 weeks old – outside the shelter in a box. It was one of the coldest nights of the year, and they left them nothing to snuggle in to keep warm in that box. So by the time we found them the next day, they were dying of dehydration and hypothermia. And sadly one little boy didn’t make it through his first night in safety – whoever dumped them basically murdered him. And although that fills us with rage, we hope he will watch over his siblings like a tiny guardian angel, and make sure they find the best possible families ever!

There are three girls – two golden girls called Love and Hearty, and one little black beauty named Venus. And one golden gentleman called Valentine.

Hearty’s information:

Age: 2 months
Breed: Mixed
Sex: 1 Male, 3 Female

We had a rough start to life, but we know that’s the worst it will ever be. We’re looking forward to finding our loving forever families who will show us all the best things in life!