Hi I’m Ivan

About Ivan

Meet Molly, Ivan, Katerina and Aggelos – this mischievous gang were found abandoned about a month ago – and of course, we took them into our care. One baby was lucky enough to be adopted by some tourists who visited us, but these four are still looking for a home.

Shelter life is not ideal for puppies, but at least they get used to other dogs and even cats! But they don’t see much of the world, and their future families should be prepared to teach them everything about life outside at the pace they need. These babies are super social and playful, so we believe that they will adapt nicely to life as family pets.

We’ve no idea who their parents are or what mix they might be, our vet estimates they’ll be circa 15 kg as adults. Today, they are about 3.5 months old and can travel as soon as they are 4 months old

Ivan’s information:

Age: 3.5 months old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male