Hi I’m Jacob


About Jacob

This lively and friendly guy is named Jacob, and he is one of our most recent arrivals at Lemnos shelter. As usual, we’ve no idea what kind of life he had before he arrived at the shelter, but he had a chain around his neck which needed to be cut off with pliers. So maybe he was chained somewhere and unwanted. Either way, he’s not chipped and no one has come looking for him, so we’ll look after him to the best of our ability until his true forever family adopts him.

Jacob is about 1 year old and small sized, but underweight for a setter. He looks to be a purebred English setter, but who knows. He weighs under 12 kilos right now, so is in need of good food and fattening up!

Jacob is an active guy who needs more space than that at shelter to be able to get rid of all his energy! He longs for the forest! He has the gentle mannerisms that so loved in setters, and has greeted the other dogs, cats, adults and children happily.

Jacob has an easy-going character, so we therefore believe that he could live with most active families, as long as he gets plenty of exercise. Jacob will for certainly ensure that your “lazy days” are over!

Although he is an adult dog, we have no idea if he ever lived inside a ‘home’. So his future family need to start everything as if he was a pup in terms of toilet training and other basic commands. He’s a wonderful boy, and we’re sure he’ll make an active family so happy!

Jacob’s information:

Age: 1 year old
Breed: English setter
Sex: Male