Hi I’m Judith

About Judith

Adorable Judith is a tiny little girl, just 8 kilos and 1 year old, and throughout her short life, she has experienced nothing. Nothing at all. Because a man kept her and her sister Jo locked in a stable for their entire existence. So as you can imagine, the world is suddenly very big and scary.

Judith is gaining in confidence every day but needs a SUPER experienced family who understand that she needs a lot of time, patience and love – and preferably a friendly dog that she can lean on. But with the right person in a calm and quiet environment, she will blossom and become a fantastic dog. City life is certainly not for her, and a home without children is preferable.
Although Judith is 1 year old, she has experienced nothing, so her future family need to start everything from the beginning in terms of toilet training and other basic commands  Let’s hope the perfect family is out there for our adorable little girl.

Judith’s information:

Age: 1 year
Breed: Kokoni-Setter-Collie Mix
Sex: Female

My life is looking up since I was rescued from the barn and brought to the shelter. I’m slowly learning that life needn’t be so scary and dream of a kind family who will help me become a real dog.