Hi I’m Julia

About Julia

Julia is exactly as a young dog should be; playful, social, friendly, curious, fearless and funny! Estimated to be around 18months old, she’s another arrival that was dumped at our shelter, so we’ve no idea where she came from or why she ended up with us. But we do know that she’s very welcome here and that we’re in love with her!

Julia is an absolute joy and welcomes everyone with love and everlasting friendship! She loves to cuddle and doesn’t want those snuggles to end. This amazing girl has so much potential.

She can walk nicely on a lead, is obedient and she acts more like an adult dog than a young dog!

It’s clear is that she is some kind of German Shepherd mix, so she will need a home that will stimulate her mentally and physically. Where are all those GS lovers out there? This girl is a dream!

Julia gets on very well with the shelter’s other dogs and loves to play with them. She also gets along well with the shelter’s cats.

As wonderful as Julia is, she is still a young dog and her future family need to be a 100% prepared for the work, training and patience she will need to become the perfect house guest. Based on her breed mix, she will need a proper dose of stimulation every day, both mentally and physically. We would like her to go to an active home. If you’re prepared to give her the support she needs, we’re sure you won’t regret it. In the right home, Julia will bring such joy to her family.

Julia’s information:

Age: 18 months
Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Sex: Female