Hi I’m Kate

About Kate

Sweet little Kate was found by an animal lover when she was hiding in her garden. With food, kind words and love the woman managed to win Kate’s trust. Then she contacted us and we picked up the little cutie.

So right now Kate is safe at the shelter and the wonderful and caring volunteers try their best to make her feel good, but a shelter isn’t a place for a dog to grow up, so we really hope that little Kate soon will be adopted and will be able to leave the shelter for a better life.

Kate is a very sweet and kind young female. She loves the attention from humans and is really fond of cuddles. She also gets along perfectly with all the dogs she’s met so far at the shelter, although she doesn’t fancy the cats, so she would be better not to share her home with them.

She’s a confident little girl and we believe she can thrive in the city as well as in the countryside as long as she gets the daily exercise she needs. She would love to go for long walks or run free in dog parks or in her own fenced garden. She’s a young dog and has this lovely contagious energy!

She’s neutered and weighs about 14-15 kilos.

We have no clue about Kate’s past and we don’t know if she has ever lived inside a house, so her future family will need to be patient and help her learn.


Kate’s information:

Age: 1 year
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m a sweet little girl with plenty of energy and lots of love to give. I get on really well with other dogs but am not a great fan of cats.