Hi I’m Kiveli

About Kiveli

Please read the Kiveli’s text carefully, as she is NOT a dog for first time owners and needs a special home.

Kiveli is a very beautiful and very sweet young girl who is about two years old. Those of you who have followed our page for some time might remember the arrival of Elsa and Lisa about 1 1/2 years ago. The sisters lived in a vineyard with a bunch of puppies who were about 6 months old at the time of their rescue. Only one puppy was somewhat social and he was quickly rehomed to the UK. The rest of the puppies were frozen with fear and to this day remain a very tight-knit group. Both of the adult females had wonderful characters, and we’re sure that with a different start to life the puppies would have been just a social. Sadly, they were not so lucky. And their 1 1/2 years at the shelter have not helped them. But one of these little dogs is desperately trying to break out of her shy shell and become more social. And this is Kiveli.

Still, Kiveli is a very shy dog. She needs a home where there is another outgoing dog that she can lean on, and can teach her that the world is not such a scary place. Kiveli’s future family needs to be very committed one and needs to never give up on her. Because until now she hasn’t felt like she can trust anyone in this world.

Every weekend, students from Lemnos University come to volunteer at the shelter and help us walk the dogs. It’s always a joyous occasions and there’s lots of noise and laughter. Surprisingly, it was during one of these times that Kiveli started to show her desire to be social. Just a few weeks ago, she even allowed the students to take her for a walk. It was the very first time she has left the shelter since arriving as a terrified puppy one year and a half ago. It wasn’t a long walk, and it was one where she showed a lot of fear, but at the same time she also showed that she wanted to be part of the event. For Kiveli, this is huge. And it’s also helped us believe that Kiveli wants to change and wants human contact.

Kiveli might suit a calm and understanding older person/couple with a friendly dog. She cannot live with young kids – she’s very gentle but their noise and spontaneity would terrify him. Her future family should live in countryside, in a quiet area, and have a very secure garden. And for the first months, all walks will need to take place in the garden with a harness. The key to helping Kiveki unlock her potential is time and lots of love – and she’ll return that love 10 fold. Do you think it’s possible to find a home like this for Kiveli? We don’t know. But we do know that she deserves a chance and we will continue to hope that one day she will get it.

Kiveli’s information:

Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’d like a home with someone who is willing to give me time to come out of my shell and show you how truly special I am.