Hi I’m Lava

About Lava

Lava is another of our recent arrivals – a handsome girl that seems to be a German Shepherd mix. Actually, she was found at the military base where they use German Shepherds… did one of the dogs have an accidental litter and Lava was the result? Who knows…

Anyway, if Lava was unwanted there, she is welcome with us! Lava is a tough girl, who prefers to play rough with the ‘cool’ male dogs, like Noel, rather than be with the other females. So if there is another dog in her future home, it should be male. She hates cats, and shouldn’t be homed with them.

Lava is a strong and clever girl – and will be a wonderful dog for the right family – a family experienced with German Shepherd types and who know how to train her in the right way.

Lava’s information:

Age: 1 year old
Breed: German Shephard mix
Sex: Female

I don’t like cats, but I love male dogs!