Hi I’m Lazarus

About Lazarus

Little Lazarus was recently found outside our shelter. We know nothing about his past; what he has been through or where he came from. What we do know is that he is a very beautiful small dog of about 7 kg and he is about 2-3 years old.

On his arrival, the poor little boy was understandably very scared and cautious, but he already shows clear signs of wanting to be with our volunteers. He has started to wag his little tail and come for cuddles so without doubt, he’s going to be the most fantastic little companion with a little time. He works well with all other dogs and even with the cats in the shelter.

Lazarus’ future home must be understanding and aware that it will take time for him to get out of his shell. He needs a home that has experience with insecure dogs, and who are willing to give him a lot of time, patience and love. Since Lazarus is on the shy and cautious side, we believe it is best for him in a quiet home in the country without children. City life is nothing for him. Any older children in his future home must have a true understanding that he needs time and a lot of love.

It would also be great if his future home had calm and secure existing dog who can show Lazarus how great life can be! He will need time and patience, but in the right home we are sure that he will be able to flourish and become the amazing guy he is meant to be.

Even though Lazarus is 2-3 years old, his future home must start all training from the beginning, as if he is a tiny pup. He will need to be taught to walk on a leash, toilet trained, to be alone at home and much more.

Lazarus’s information:

Age: 2 - 3 years old
Breed: Brittany Spaniel Mix
Sex: Male

I love other dogs and even cats and am learning to be brave around humans. I would love to live with another dog in a quiet home in the countryside without young children. Please give me a chance because I think I could learn to love my new family very much.