Hi I’m Leia


About Leia

Leia is a female Pointer cross estimated to have been born June 2023, admitted September 2023.

We got a call from a person about 4 black puppies in the middle of the street close to Monte Caputo. Unfortunately this person didn’t bother to stop and wait for us to arrive at the point so when our Chairman and Manager got there the puppies had disappeared. They went up and down the area but there was no sight of them.

A couple of days later we saw a post on Facebook about 4 dead puppies in that area (3 black and 1 black and white). We went again to check if there were more without any luck. A couple of days after that day we received another call from a person about 1 black puppy and 1 black and white puppy in the same area. This time the person stayed there with them until our manager got there and took them. Those 2 pups are our Leia and Luke that were lucky to survive.

Leia is very friendly, loving and playful. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Leia’s information:

Age: 5 months old
Breed: Pointer cross
Sex: Female