Hi I’m Leona


About Leona

Lovely Leona is ready for her forever home – and goodness, does this little one deserve it! They say a mother’s work is never done – and in Leona’s case, this is certainly true. After all, she was found with her nine babies! Leona has been amazing mom – still is, as quite a few of her babies are still waiting to be adopted.

Leona was sterilised last week, and our vet estimates her to be 3 years old and confirms that she weighs 15 kilos. She is a very athletic girl with a high energy level, so she would adore to find a family as active as she is and who will include her in all their adventures. She has a very strong prey drive and has clearly shown us that the shelter cats are meant to be snacked on and not respected, so she shouldn’t live with cats or chickens etc. On the other hand, she is wonderful with all dogs and would have no issue sharing her home with another – in fact, it would be lots of fun! She also adores human company and appears to be the kind of dog that would be fine with kids who have been brought up to respect animals and give them space.

Although Leona is an adult dog, we don’t know if she’s ever lived inside a home. So her future family need to start everything as if she was a pup in terms of toilet training and other basic commands But she’s a wonderful little dog and we’re certain that her future family are super lucky!

Leona’s information:

Age: 3 years old
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female

I’m a lovely, friendly girl who has definitely earned my forever home! I can’t wait to find a family who will play with me and take me for walks!