Hi I’m Lia

About Lia

Lia is currently in a foster home in Wellingborough, Northants, and is now seeking her perfect forever home. Ideally we are looking for a family close to her foster home so we can arrange meet and greets.
Lia is around 8 years old and was once a much loved owned dog. Sadly her owners are elderly with their own health problems and could no longer keep her. As often happens in Greece, none of the extended family wanted to help so the distraught owner reached out to Fotini and Vaggelio, the two volunteers at Lemnos Dog Shelter. They of course offered to take her in but couldn’t bear the thought of Lia having to live incarcerated 24/7 in a tiny kennel when she had only ever known love.
So the ladies asked us to bring her to England as soon as we could……which we did and she’s just arrived today!!

Lia’s information:

Age: 8 years
Breed: Tibetan/Lhasa Apso Mix
Sex: Female

I’m a loving elderly girl who is ready to become the perfect lap dog. Sorry my photos are not the best as the ladies took me for a pre-trip pamper and I came out with this! When my fur grows back I’m told I will once again be beautiful.